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Protecting Assets in Divorce

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  Protecting Assets in Divorce There are two primary parts of divorce law.  One part, that is in every divorce, is the area of property, including assets and liabilities.  The other part of divorce law is [...]

3 Reasons to Ask Divorce Questions

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3 Reasons to Ask Divorce Questions   I was reading an article recently that really made an impression on me.  The writer was talking about the fear of asking questions.  He talked about how it [...]

3 Reasons to love Summer Possession Time

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3 Reasons to Love Summer Possession Time If you are a divorced parent or have temporary orders in a divorce that is pending you likely have an order that has some kind of extended summer [...]

3 Unique Child Support Situations

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3 Unique Child Support Situations When people reach agreements in divorce, they are able to customize certain parts of their case.  One of the areas we most commonly tailor for clients is parenting time or [...]

Summer Parenting in Texas

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Summer Possession Options in Texas Summer time can be a challenge or an opportunity.  In a Texas divorce, the Family Code possession schedule has one type of schedule for the school year and includes longer [...]

3 Tips to Simplify Divorce

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3 Ways to Simplify Your Divorce   Learn – Simplify Your Divorce When you have decided that divorce is the solution to your situation it is time to begin working.  It is time to find [...]