Happy Independence Day!

4th of July

Happy Independence Day from all of us at O'Connell Law Firm!  As we celebrate the 4th of July our great country today, it is good to remember to take time and remember where and how our country was started.  So, here are links to some good reading for this July 4th holiday as we celebrate our Founding Fathers, the sacrifices made for us and the battles that were fought for our independence, too: Charters of Freedom Declaration of Independence Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights … [Read more...]

More Summer Activities for families and kids in North Texas!


I hope you you all enjoyed the list of summer activities available for kids in my last post.  In the office we all had a great time talking about the list of summer activities in North Texas in my last post that we created another list of summer activities for families and kids in North Texas!   If this is your first summer as a single parent or even if it isn’t, we think you’ll find something that sounds like a great idea on our list. Summer Activities for Families and Kids in North Texas Interesting Places: Grapevine Vintage Railroad Fort Worth Stockyards  Gaylord Texan Gaylord … [Read more...]

Summer Activities for Kids in North Texas


The sun is finally shining and summer activities for kids in North Texas are just around the corner.  Summertime can be such a fun and rejuvenating time for both parents and their kids.  We can get off the treadmill that we are on through the school year and have some fun and make some great memories.   Summer fun is universal and happens whether you are a two-parent home, one-parent home, transitioning to one or the other or a blended family.  If you are a divorced parent, I hope you've been reading our blog and gave your notice for your summer time with your kids, too! Living in North … [Read more...]

Presumed Fatherhood ?

presumed paternity

Presumed Fatherhood – Kris, Kim, and Kanye   Chris Chambers / Frederick M. Brown / Pascal Le Segretain, Getty Images   We have all seen it on tv, heard about it on the radio, or read a friend’s opinion on Facebook.  Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ divorce has become a bitter, ugly public relations battle where deception and greed have ruled the day.   Enter Kanye West.  The (in)famous rapper who has made headlines for both his skill as an artist and his outrageous and sometimes ignorant statements about politics in America.  Most recently, West shocked the … [Read more...]

Congratulations! Jill has received the Avvo Clients Choice Award

Avvo Clients Choice Award! Updated May 2014: Jill is also rated a 10 out of 10 on the Avvo website, based on her experience, client reviews and industry recognition. Jill O'Connell has received the Avvo Clients Choice Award.  The Avvo Clients Choice Award is given by the AVVO website based on excellent client reviews for family law and divorce cases.  You can check out this award on her profile on the AVVO website here: Jill O'Connell and on our website here: Jill O'Connell Jill is a dedicated and experienced family law attorney who focuses on her clients' needs.  She is a lawyer … [Read more...]

Tip of the Week – Gotcha Day!

Tip of the Week: Do you know what a Gotcha Day is? I ran into friends celebrating their 'Gotcha Day' at Starbucks a few days ago with their beautiful kids and before you knew it someone else was talking about their 'Gotcha Day'. Both international adoptive families and domestic adoptive families celebrate the day they received their child - the day they 'gotcha'!  Each family celebrates with their own traditions and ways to remember that day.  I know international adoption families that celebrate the culture of the country the child was born in and some who continue fun and silly … [Read more...]