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Guardianship is a concept commonly associated with parents of young children. However, guardianship is very broad and can be used when a person lacks the ability to take care of themselves in some way and can apply in many different situations. Guardianships are created through the Probate Code and permit the person appointed as guardian [...]

Choosing your Lawyer

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Choosing Your Lawyer Updated: January 22, 2015 Choosing your lawyer is an important element of any family law or divorce.  When you need to hire a lawyer you may not know where to start. What First? When you need to hire a lawyer or law firm, it is important to know why you need your [...]

Tip of the Week: Manage the Cost of Your Divorce

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In normal circumstances, if you are concerned about the cost of your divorce or family law case, don't call your lawyer's office with every thought that you have about it. Unless it is an emergency, wait until you have several things to tell your lawyer, make a list and then call your lawyer.  Stay focused [...]

Tip of the Week: Co-Parenting

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  Couple Working Together at Home --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis Co-parenting means divorced parents and how they keep doing what they need to do as parents after a divorce. The Office of the Attorney General has some information on their website about Co-Parenting. Look for the more information on Co-Parenting on our Resource [...]