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Parenting with Technology

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Parenting with Technology, Part Two Parents sometimes say that exchanging information with their ex-spouse can feel like a tug of war.  One spouse feels like they aren’t able to get the information they need about their kids from the other parent and another feels like everything they tell the other parent is forgotten or ignored. [...]

Single Parenting with Technology!

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Is there an ‘App’ for Parenting? Parenting with technology can be a challenge.  Recently one of my kids said that one of the great things about me is that I know a lot more about technology than most parents and that I use it.   And, just for the record, that same child also said she [...]

Child Custody Questions

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        When parents are divorcing there are always lots of questions about how the divorce process works when it comes to the children from the marriage.  Most of the questions are the same for both moms and dads.  A divorce involving kids will include discussing parenting schedules, child support, rights and duties [...]

Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Independence Day from all of us at O'Connell Law Firm!  As we celebrate the 4th of July our great country today, it is good to remember to take time and remember where and how our country was started.  So, here are links to some good reading for this July 4th holiday as we celebrate our [...]

Fireworks in Denton County

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  Fireworks in Denton County How can we let this holiday go by without a list of great places to enjoy fireworks in Denton County with your families and kids?  There are several fireworks displays in Denton County that everyone is sure to enjoy!  We have included just a few of the places to enjoy fireworks [...]