Stepparent Adoption

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Stepparent Adoption  A stepparent adoption creates a legal relationship between the stepparent and the child or children.  Without the stepparent adoption, the stepparent only has a legal relationship with their spouse.  The adoption creates that parent-child relationship in the legal world, and reflects the parent-child bond and relationship in their personal world.  How does it [...]

We love Adoptions!

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One of the areas that we really enjoy is adoption and finishing adoptions is the best kind of day in court!  We finalize foreign adoptions and complete step-parent adoptions for our clients, also. Our best days in the office usually start with our adoption clients when we get to meet them at the courthouse and [...]

Tip of the Week – Gotcha Day!

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Tip of the Week: Do you know what a Gotcha Day is? I ran into friends celebrating their 'Gotcha Day' at Starbucks a few days ago with their beautiful kids and before you knew it someone else was talking about their 'Gotcha Day'. Both international adoptive families and domestic adoptive families celebrate the day they [...]