Preparing for Your Appointment

Before you come to your appointment, be prepared to talk with your lawyer about your divorce, adoption, or other family law questions.  If you have questions, write them down.  Sometimes it is difficult to talk about your situation, so write down what you most want your lawyer to know and begin to think about it before your appointment.

Also prepare questions for your lawyer, for example, how long has the attorney been practicing law, what areas of law does the attorney practice and information about fees.  Make a list of everything that you want to tell the attorney in your meeting and include all of the questions that you want to ask.

Gather all of the important documents related to your case and bring them with you to your first meeting with the attorney.  It is better to show your lawyer the document, if you can, than try to remember what it says and tell the attorney.

When you arrive, first you fill out some informational paperwork.  Then, you will meet with Jill O’Connell.