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Agreed Divorce Questions and Answers

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Agreed Divorce – Questions and Answers Recently it seems as if I've answered the same agreed divorce questions over and over again and thought I’d post the questions and answers here in case you have wondered about these questions, too. Agreed Divorce Question 1: We have agreed to everything.  Do I need a lawyer? I get calls [...]

5 Things NOT TO DO While Getting a Divorce

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5 Things NOT TO DO While Getting A Divorce   Divorce is a process that can be filled with stress, fighting and making decisions about property, children, assets and debt.  Some people are getting a divorce by choice and some aren't.  But either way it’s not an easy process to untangle the marriage cords and [...]

Texas Prove Up

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What is a Texas prove up? A Texas prove up is a short hearing to present testimony to the Judge on an uncontested issue or an agreement between the parties.  It can be used on a specific issue or hearing and it can be used to conclude a divorce if an agreement on all of the [...]

Tip of the Week – Divorce Temporary Hearing

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Temporary Hearing A temporary hearing is a hearing after a case has started, when there is a question that only a judge can decide.  A hearing is had before the Judge and orders are issued that will be in effect until the end of the case.  The hearing allows parties a limited amount of time [...]

Tip of the Week – Consider what is best for You

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Tip of the Week:  Consider all the methods for getting divorced, not just one.  Different times or issues in your case may require a new method that you hadn’t considered before.   Did you know that mediation can be used in collaborative law cases for a difficult issue?  And, there are times when traditional litigation is [...]