gavel-with-borderTemporary Hearing

A temporary hearing is a hearing after a case has started, when there is a question that only a judge can decide.  A hearing is had before the Judge and orders are issued that will be in effect until the end of the case.  The hearing allows parties a limited amount of time (usually only 30 minutes per party) to put on evidence about specific issues that need to be decided before the case is finished.  Some of the issues the Judge can decide are temporary spousal support, temporary child support, discovery issues, mediation and possession and/or parenting schedules,, what will happen with real property and who will live in the house.

At the conclusion of the temporary hearing, the Judge will make a ruling about the orders to be in effect until the final orders are entered at the end of the case.  Some of the questions that can be answered and issues that can be decided in a temporary hearing are child support, spousal support, who will live where and parenting schedules.

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