Denton Divorce Lawyers

We understand that divorce is an often difficult process. You want to know that your lawyer knows that your divorce can be tough, too. We understand.

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Denton Divorce Attorney

As a client of O’Connell Law Firm, P.C. you will talk with your lawyer about your divorce options and choices. Together, we will choose which options will work best for you during your divorce.

Two Common Areas of Divorce:

Agreed Divorce:

This involves direct negotiation between you and your spouse. This approach should work well if you are at a high-functioning point in your relationship and can effectively communicate with each other. If you and your spouse have reached agreements regarding the division of your marital estate, then you will likely decrease time and expenses in your divorce. A collaborative law divorce is different than going to court for the judge to decide. You work to reach an agreement for your divorce with your lawyer.

Spousal Support:

Support for a spouse can be either ordered by the Court or the parties can agree to the terms of the support.

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