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At O’Connell Law Firm, P.C. we are committed to personal solutions for our clients. We believe that this is important when redefining your life. We understand that you may be contacting us during a very stressful and difficult time.

When you set up your appointment at O’Connell Law Firm, P.C. you will meet with Jill O’Connell, Owner/Attorney. You will receive exceptional service that is personalized to your goals – what is important to you will be important to us.

The O’Connell Law Firm, P.C. offers a variety of payment arrangements tailored to best suit your financial needs. We offer fixed fees as well traditional payment and fee arrangements. We also have a secure webpage for our clients to use for credit card payments, if they would like to do so.

Video: About Our Office

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Jill O’Connell. This is One on Wednesday. Thanks for joining me.
I am the owner and attorney at O’Connell Law Firm in Lake Dallas. I wanted to take a few minutes today to reintroduce myself for those of you who are just finding our videos or have maybe seen a few others and let you know a little bit about me and my office.

As I said earlier, we’re in Lake Dallas, which is almost the middle of Denton County and so we are conveniently located right off of, excuse me, I35 and it is an easy drive from almost anywhere in Denton County.

We are also exclusively family law. So family law includes divorce and the issues that go with divorce, any post-divorce issues, things having to do with child support, child custody and anything that relates to the family.

In that, we also only focus in Denton County at this time. We are exclusively Denton County because of the way that I believe that it serves our clients right now.

We can be reached by phone, email, we’re on social media, and the phone number to make an appointment is (940) 497-5454. If you’ve got a question specific to your case, if you find yourself in a divorce, either one that’s expected or unexpectedly, I am happy to visit with you more specifically about what’s going on in your life and we do that through a consultation.

Again, you can reach us at (940) 497-5454.


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