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Hi, I’m Jill O’Connell. This is One on Wednesday. Thanks for joining me.
I am the owner and attorney at O’Connell Law Firm in Lake Dallas. I wanted to take a few minutes today to reintroduce myself for those of you who are just finding our videos or have maybe seen a few others and let you know a little bit about me and my office.

As I said earlier, we’re in Lake Dallas, which is almost the middle of Denton County and so we are conveniently located right off of, excuse me, I35 and it is an easy drive from almost anywhere in Denton County.

We are also exclusively family law. So family law includes divorce and the issues that go with divorce, any post-divorce issues, things having to do with child support, child custody and anything that relates to the family.

In that, we also only focus in Denton County at this time. We are exclusively Denton County because of the way that I believe that it serves our clients right now.

We can be reached by phone, email, we’re on social media, and the phone number to make an appointment is (940) 497-5454. If you’ve got a question specific to your case, if you find yourself in a divorce, either one that’s expected or unexpectedly, I am happy to visit with you more specifically about what’s going on in your life and we do that through a consultation.

Again, you can reach us at (940) 497-5454.

Review Your Holiday Orders (Temporary Orders / Final Orders)

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is One on Wednesday. I’m Jill O’Connell with the O’Connell Law Firm in Lake Dallas, Texas.

Today’s edition of One on Wednesday is going to be a little different. I want to check in with you guys and see if you have reviewed your orders as we move into this holiday season. I was going to say progress but that… As we move into this holiday season. We are already approaching Halloween and Thanksgiving is right around the corner and then we’ve got Christmas. So a couple of things that I want to touch base on. Review your orders, whether they’re temporary orders or your final orders, decree of divorce. When are you going to have possession of your kids and when are you not going to have possession of your kids? You probably need to make sure you know when school is out this year for Thanksgiving holidays and for Christmas holidays.

One other big pointer, big tip this time is that Halloween is on a Thursday night. Make sure that you are touching base with the other parent about Halloween. If your kids have an idea about what their Halloween is going to look like, you and the other parent need to be talking about what that’s going to look like for them. Start that conversation now. You don’t want to be having that conversation on October 30th. This is the time when conflicts unexpectedly come up. To avoid that, take a look, start managing your schedule and your kids’ needs right now.

If you’ve got questions about your case, some unexpected things have come up in this holiday season, I’m happy to talk to you about those. We do that in a consultation in our office, so I can give you some tips specific to you and legal advice specifically for you. You can reach us at (940) 497-5454.

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Divorce And Family Law Common Abbreviations

Video Transcript:

Hi. I’m Jill O’Connell. This is One on Wednesday. I am the owner and attorney at O’Connell Law Firm in Lake Dallas, Texas. Thanks for joining me today.

Today my topic on One on Wednesday is just for general information. I’m going to talk to you a little bit about abbreviations that are commonly used in emails or other correspondence in divorce cases, and other types of cases, that sometimes leave people feeling like the legalese that’s being spoken, they don’t understand, and I’m going to just explain a few of them.

One of them that you might see is the abbreviation OPD. Generally in our office that stands for, “original petition for divorce.” And sometimes that is easier to use than writing that all out every time.

Another one is ITIO, all caps. And if there is a modification case that’s going on, or another kind of case that deals with strictly children after a divorce, that could mean, “in the interest of.”
The other type of one that’s similar to that could be ITMO or ITMOMO. Both of those are used in the legal field to mean, “in the matter of the marriage of [blank].”

So if you’re referencing a divorce case in our world, we talk about it the way that the court would look at it on a pleading, “in the matter of the marriage of.”

One other one is, all caps, QDRO means, “qualified domestic relations order.”

And another one you might often see, sometimes in relation to a divorce decree or child support, is, all caps, SDU, “support disbursement unit.” And that is generally used when talking about child support disbursement.

These are a few of the abbreviations that we give information to our clients about. And if you’ve got more questions about your case, divorce, or post divorce issues, call our office (940) 497-5454. We are conveniently located right smack dab in the middle of Denton County.