Have You Been Served With Divorce Papers?

Did you create a form and want a divorce lawyer to review it or did your spouse create a form that you want reviewed? Need to know the difference between traditional litigation vs. collaborative law?  Read more on the difference divorce options you have to finalize your divorce.

The Mediation Process:

Mediation is a process whereby the parties in a civil lawsuit, including divorce cases, can meet in the privacy of the office of a neutral person, called a mediator, who is experienced in the art of negotiation whose job is to facilitate an amicable and agreed upon settlement between the parties in lieu of a traditional trial setting.  The process is almost always much less expensive than traditional litigation.  This allows the parties to be in control of the outcome of their case instead of a Judge.

In a divorce mediation, the mediator and the parties must address the property division and children issues in order to have the Court enter a Divorce Decree.  During mediation, whatever the nature of the issue, each issue is addressed, one at a time, by the mediator until all issues have been covered and the couple has made agreements, decisions and have reached a final position that is acceptable to each of them.

Once the overall agreement is reached by the parties, the parties and/or their attorneys draft a Mediated Settlement Agreement which is binding and enforceable as a contract. Jill is a volunteer mediator with the Denton County Alternative Dispute Resolution Program. Please contact our office (940-497-5454 or 972-203-6644) for further information regarding rates and to schedule your mediation.

Children and Divorce

Are you worried about how a divorce might affect your kids? Are you wondering how to work out your possession schedule and your child’s school schedule?  One of our lawyers can talk about how this works with the Texas Family Code Standard Possession and give you more information.  Do you need an attorney to represent you in a paternity suit or enforce child support?  Are you wanting to obtain physical custody of your child? View more information about our child support and custody services.

Flexible Payment Arrangements

The O’Connell Law Firm strives to accommodate the needs of each client. We offer discounted initial consultations and fixed fee as well as traditional plans. Jill will discuss fees as well as flexibility to accommodate your financial needs.

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