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Divorce Forms – Are They Worth the Cost?

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Divorce Forms - Are They Worth the Cost? Be Careful What You Ask For – Tips about Divorce Forms Legal forms are available for a variety of legal needs and I bet you can find divorce forms almost anywhere.  I hear about new online form sources frequently when people come into my office and ask [...]

Focusing on Your Needs

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O'Connell Law Firm is a client centered practice. We understand that to find the best solution for you and your family, we must listen to your concerns and consider all options for a long lasting resolution to your issues.

Divorce Can Feel Like A Foreign Country

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  Spring is a time for fresh starts.  Sometimes, that includes a divorce.  Unfortunately, starting a divorce can feel like going through a foreign country without a map.  A good attorney can guide you through your divorce, like a good GPS system. If you are considering divorce, try to talk with more than one attorney [...]

Summer Possession Notice

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Did you receive notice for a possession schedule on April 1st?  Or, did you forget to give your April 1 notice for your summer possession?             If you are wondering what to do next, first read your decree or final order.  That is the most important step to get a great understanding of what you [...]