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Texas Child Support: 5 Things to Tell your Lawyer

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Texas Child Support  - Tips to Talk with your Lawyer Determining standard child support in Texas is pretty straight forward.  The Texas Family Code provides the method to determine child support based on income (gross and net) and the number of children in the marriage.  It is all about the numbers, 20% of monthly net [...]

More Summer Activities for families and kids in North Texas!

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I hope you you all enjoyed the list of summer activities available for kids in my last post.  In the office we all had a great time talking about the list of summer activities in North Texas in my last post that we created another list of summer activities for families and kids in North Texas!   If this is your first summer as a [...]

Summer Activities for Kids in North Texas

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The sun is finally shining and summer activities for kids in North Texas are just around the corner.  Summertime can be such a fun and rejuvenating time for both parents and their kids.  We can get off the treadmill that we are on through the school year and have some fun and make some great [...]