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Is there an ‘App’ for Parenting?

Parenting with technology can be a challenge.  Recently one of my kids said that one of the great things about me is that I know a lot more about technology than most parents and that I use it.   And, just for the record, that same child also said she thought that is wasn’t always a great thing because I know more than her friends’ parents.   This surprised me and got me thinking about how my clients and their kids can use technology, what is out there for those of you divorced or going through a divorce and how single parents can use those phones that are always present with our kids in a great way!

I think about technology with divorced parents in two categories: staying in contact with your kids and ease of contact and information exchange with your ex-spouse.  I’ll talk about divorced parent communication technology next week in part two of this topic.

How much do you know about the apps your teen has on their phone?  I think some of those things that your teenager or tween is using to be connected with their friends could easily be used for you, Mom or Dad, when they are gone for a chunk of time during the summer or holidays.   So, I did a little research and I have put together a list of things that have the potential to be an awesome way to connect with that child who is never too far from their phone – if you want to take a chance on technology.  And, at the very least you can check them out and see what your kids are doing, right?

Teen and Tween Tech –

1) Snapchat:  Pictures and texting together – You must look at this.

2) Vine: Short videos – The possibilities with this are endless!

2) Twitter:  Do you tweet?  Do your kids?  Do you follow your kids?

3) Role Playing Games:  Some games allow you to compete with others.  Do you compete with your kids?

4) Words with Friends: Scrabble-like game, quick, easy – Has a chat component, too.

5) Facebook – Do you connect with your kids on Facebook?


Good Luck!

Update: See our second post on technology and parenting, too.

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Jill O’Connell