Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays are quickly approaching!  Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be over and December will be here!  This time of year is both great and stressful and if you are going through a divorce or family law case it can be great for you, too.

Here are some easy tips in my holiday survival guide to help you get through the holidays and maybe even enjoy them.

1) Read your Order

Get up to speed on what you need to do and when you need to do it by reading your divorce decree, temporary orders or other final order.  If you have a Texas divorce decree, final order or temporary orders there is a good chance you have provisions for both the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in your order.  Read through there to get your start and then move to the next step.

If you don’t have anything in your orders, now is the time to figure that out and call your lawyer.

2)  Get a school calendar update

Look at the school calendar for your children to find out the school holiday dates, as well as the release dates and times for the days right before the holidays.  Make sure you have the right dates for the holidays.  This may sound silly but school districts change them from time to time and some districts have early release the days before the actual school holiday which could affect Thursday periods of possession.

3)  Communicate

After you have figured out everything you need to know to be at the right spot at the right time, communicate with the other parent.  This isn’t the time to hold back because of marital issues or relationship issues.  See my post about technology and how it can help here.

4) Prepare your kids

Prepare your kids for the holidays and let them know how everything is going to work.  They are looking forward to the holidays.  If this is the first holiday there are two houses for their parents, then they will be wondering how this is going to work.  If it isn’t their first year, they are still wondering how it is going to look this year.

5) Plan new activities and traditions

– We all love traditions around the holidays.  If the old activities and traditions don’t work anymore, try some new ones.  You may not have the perfect holiday (but who does?), and you’ll survive it with some new activities and by trying some new traditions.

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