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DIY Divorce?

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DIY Divorce Some things are a great chance to try out new DIY skills.  Other things, not so much.  Dentistry? No thanks.  Heart Surgery? No thanks.  New roofing? No thanks.  Trying to handle a divorce case on one’s own is taking a chance on DIY with issues that can have a long effect. Is a [...]

Legal Separation or Divorce?

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Legal Separation or Divorce? Which is the better choice, a legal separation or a divorce?  The question of choosing a legal separation instead of divorce is an easy question in Texas.  Texas doesn’t have legal separation and only has divorce.  Here are a few things about legal separation and divorce in Texas. Texas Family Code [...]

Finishing Your Divorce

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Finishing Your Divorce -You Can See the Finish Line! After a hearing or mediation, my clients appear to experience some form of relief.  Relief because everything is finished either by agreement or by decision of the Judge or maybe because they got what they wanted and sometimes the relief isn't because they got what they [...]

Stepparent Adoption

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Stepparent Adoption  A stepparent adoption creates a legal relationship between the stepparent and the child or children.  Without the stepparent adoption, the stepparent only has a legal relationship with their spouse.  The adoption creates that parent-child relationship in the legal world, and reflects the parent-child bond and relationship in their personal world.  How does it [...]

You’ve Been Served

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  You’ve been served! Now what?  Being served with papers in a divorce or other case, has gotten a fair amount of play in the movies when some character thinks it sounds like a great idea to avoid being served (or maybe it just makes a funny story).  Either way, chaos and laughter ensue while [...]

No Fault Divorce

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Is a No Fault Divorce Right for You? When people say ‘no fault divorce’ in Texas they probably mean either they have an agreement with their spouse about dividing their property, assets and liabilities and any issues with their kids or they mean they don’t have an agreement but they don’t want to accuse their [...]

Setting Goals

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Setting Goals for your Family Law or Divorce Case You never thought you’d end up in a divorce or family law case.  You don’t know how it happened that you are at this point in your life.  Or maybe you do know what happened, how and when everything happened that created the story that led [...]

Legal Resolutions

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Legal Resolutions 2014 What’s your plan for 2014? We have all thought about, read articles, posts and tweets about and possibly made resolutions for the New Year for our personal life.  For our professional lives and businesses we review and make business plans for the New Year right now.    What are you thinking about?  Do [...]