Medical Costs:

How to get Reimbursed for your Children’s Medical Costs

Medical Costs are usually split between parents in a divorce.  The divorce decree will include how much each parent is supposed to pay and how it works.

Most parents will have the situation that they have paid a fee at the doctor’s office and need to get reimbursed from the other parent.  So, let’s use this scenario: Each parent is responsible for 50% of the unreimbursed medical costs.  Dad carries the insurance for the daughter through his employment.  Mom takes daughter Susie to the doctor on January 15th.  Mom pays $75.00, at the end of the doctor visit because they haven’t met the deductible for Susie yet.  The total cost breaks down this way: Mom is responsible for $37.50 and Dad is responsible for $37.50.  Mom sends Dad a copy of the bill and receipt to Dad, requesting reimbursement for his half.  Mom can also wait until she receives a copy of the EOB or bill, if she didn’t have to pay at the time of service.

The process changes slightly if Dad is the one who takes Susie to the doctor.  Then he sends the receipt to Mom and requests reimbursement.  If you are sending an EOB or bill, the other parent might be able to pay the provider directly, depending on the situation.

Regardless of which parent requests reimbursement, the decree will state how much time you have to send the notice or request to the other parent.   Once one parent sends the request for payment, the other parent has to send reimbursement or payment within a certain time frame also.

Read your decree and follow the time schedule closely to avoid issues with the other parent.  Also, remember to pay attention to the health insurance coverage and keep the kids insured to avoid being responsible for all of the necessary medical expenses.

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