Texas Divorce Decree

A Texas divorce decree is one of the final orders entered in a divorce in Texas.  It is the order that ends the marriage.  It includes the requirements for the divorce in Texas, the information about the children, the information about property, information about debts and other details to the divorce.

 Texas Divorce Decree: Requirements

 A divorce in Texas has requirements.  Some of the requirements are: jurisdiction, venue, certain notice requirements to the parties, a finding of specific grounds or another statement describing the no fault ground.  The divorce decree will include statements to show that the requirements have been met and sometimes how they were met to show that the divorce is proper.

 Texas Divorce Decree: Information about Children

A divorce in Texas will state whether or not there are any children still minors at the time of the divorce.  If there are minor children it will include the agreements or court orders about the children of the marriage.  The divorce decree will include  the types of conservators each parent will be – Sole Managing Conservator, Possessory Conservator or Joint Managing Conservators, the rights and duties of the parents (conservators), the possession schedule for the kids, the child support – who is paying and who is receiving, the health insurance for the kids and any other specific thing dealing with the kids involved in the divorce.

 Texas Divorce Decree: Information about Property

The divorce decree will list the division of the marital property including real property, furniture, personal belongings, financial accounts and any other property acquired during the marriage.  It will also confirm any separate property that you or your spouse have at the time of the divorce.

 Texas Divorce Decree: Information about Debts

The decree of divorce will talk about the debts and liabilities of each of the spouses going through divorce.  It will include a section outlining which person is responsible for which debt and liability.

 Texas Divorce Decree: Other Information

The divorce decree will also include information that is specific and unique to each case.  That can include things like changing a name, pet visitation or possession schedule, living arrangements.  Each decree can be unique, based on their needs.

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