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Have you ever wished you had a divorce app?  There are apps for divorced parents that help them communicate about kid things.  There are apps that help divorced parents communicate with each other about everything.  And, there are apps that help divorced parents do both.  But, there are times in a case when people going through a divorce wish they had an app for something.  I have a great divorce app.  Now, I just need to get it made.

I have an idea for a great app based on what my client’s ask for and what I wish I could tell them they could do with an app.  There are parts of cases that need preparation and detail and our lives are so busy we just don’t keep notes and details in the same way that we did before smart phones and apps.  I love paper, books and pens, but it’s true.  We think about keeping information differently than we used to.  It is the same thing in a divorce.  Technology isn’t as helpful as it could be in divorce, family law or modification case.

My app could be used by people going through a divorce or preparing another type of family law case.  My idea includes ways to get the information from the parent to their lawyer and if needed, ultimately to the Court.  I think I included all the things I wish my clients had an app for on their phones.  And, it isn’t specific to Texas, so any lawyer could potentially use this divorce app.  So, I entered my idea in a contest for a local Denton app design company, Brainwash, Inc., www.brainwashinc.com.   It is now up to the voters to see which app design wins.  The winner of the contest gets their app made for free.

            I would appreciate your vote.  You can vote for my app here, www.brainwashinc.com/dentonapp.  My listing is under the office name, O’Connell Law Firm, P.C..  It is near the end of the list.

Jill O’Connell can be reached at 940-497-5454.

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