Divorce Technology: Get Organized in Your Divorce

What is Divorce Technology?  Divorce Technology is about using technology (apps and programs) that is already out there for your divorce.  You need to get organized to be able to do certain things for yourself and your divorce and even your attorney.  You need to be able to do all those things like you do almost everything else, using an app or a program.  Here are some tips for apps that I think do a great job helping you:

Docusign Mobile:  In divorce, sometimes your lawyer needs your signature on a document in a hurry.  This app allows you to sign a document without having the printed copy of it with you.  If you are waiting in a carpool line or are at a ballgame, you can sign your document and get it back to your lawyer.

OneReceipt:  This app looks great for saving all of those receipts that you need to submit to the other parent or to your divorce attorney for reimbursement.  It stores the receipts that you get via email and paper receipts after you take a picture of it.  It even sets up an email address that you can use to forward receipts.  I haven’t used it yet, but am adding it to the list for my clients.

Mint: This is a great app to get your finances organized, see what you’re spending and get your budget in order.  This app is really a tool that can be used at the beginning of a divorce, through the divorce and after the divorce is finished.

Evernote and a great calendar app: Two absolute apps that can’t go without mention are Evernote and a calendar.  I think calendars are really personal, and that you need to find one that works for you – with alarms, reminders and notes so that you don’t miss anything.  And, Evernote is awesome when you can access your data from wherever you are and whatever device you are working from that day.

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