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3 Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative dispute resolution means other ways of reaching an agreement in a case besides going to trial.  There are formal and informal means of alternative dispute resolution. Informal Negotiations - Informal negotiation can happen directly between you and the opposing party in your case.  It can happen many ways.  You can have [...]

Attorney Client Communication – 5 Tips to Better Communication with your Lawyer

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Attorney Client Communication – Lost in Translation? Divorce is universally understood, but sometimes things between attorneys and clients get lost in translation.   There are some universal symbols that we all understand, right?  The ‘thumbs-up’ symbol was used long before Facebook.    The ‘peace sign’ is another symbol that everybody recognizes.  And, who can deny that the [...]

Texas Divorce: Is Annulment an Option?

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Divorce or Annulment?   Is divorce or annulment the right choice for you?  A divorce follows a certain procedure, ending the marriage relationship.  But, what if you didn’t have a valid marriage and you don’t need a divorce?  Maybe you need an annulment. Annulment in Texas In Texas, an annulment is an option only in certain [...]

Denton County Bar Association Awards

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The Denton County Bar Association recently honored the O’Connell Law Firm P.C. Owner and Attorney, Jill O'Connell for her work with the Bar Association in the 2013-2014 year.  She received her awards at the Bar Association’s May 2014 business meeting that was held in Denton, Texas earlier this month. Jill is a member of the Denton [...]

Divorce Time Management

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Divorce: Time Management A divorce is one of the major stressors in life and the amount of research that shows that is amazing. Managing all of the parts of a divorce in a timely way can also be stressful. Divorce time management can be instrumental in managing your divorce. Tips for Time Management • Calendar [...]