How to Hire a Good Lawyer for Your Case

Finding a good lawyer that works well both with you and for you is the first decision in any case.  There is no magical answer or website to tell you which lawyer is your best choice for your case.  Good reviews are awesome, but there are ways to tell if the lawyer you are considering is a good lawyer for you. Here are a suggestions to think about:

1)      Meeting – Call several lawyer’s offices and look at their websites.  Talk to their staff and see how your call is received.  Next, have a face to face meeting with your potential lawyer.  Schedule an appointment with at least one lawyer and meet with her before you make up your mind.  Before you go, write down your goals.  This will help you remember them when you are in her office.  While you are there, talk about your goals in your case and see how your lawyer reacts and discusses your goals.  Make sure your lawyer and her office are a good fit for your case.

2)     Communication – Pay attention to how your lawyer talks with you about your case.  Is she attentive?  Is she multi-tasking?  If so, does she acknowledge that she is and discuss the need to do it?  Does she answer your questions and ask questions to get to know your case?

3)     Availability – How available is your lawyer going to be for you in the future?  Is your lawyer going to be available by phone, email, text?  Does she tell you how your case will be handled after the initial meeting?  Will the lawyer you meet with be the only lawyer working on your case?  If not, who else will be working on your behalf during your case?

4)     Technology– I’m using technology in the broadest sense of the work here: social media, apps, email, texts, payment methods, online case management?  And, you need to know how comfortable you are with all of those things to know what you want in your lawyer.  How comfortable is your lawyer with technology?  If he isn’t comfortable with and doesn’t use it much in the office, is that ok with you?  If she and her staff use technology throughout the case, are you ok with that?  Either way, know what you want in your lawyer.


You want a good lawyer for your case.  Your work before your hire your lawyer will help you find that lawyer.

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