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What Happens to the Home in Divorce?

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What Happens to the Home in Divorce? What will happen to your home in divorce? A house is usually one of the biggest purchases a couple makes during their relationship.   So, naturally a common question my clients have in divorce is “what is going to happen to the house”.  There are options for the couple [...]

Texas Prove Up

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What is a Texas prove up? A Texas prove up is a short hearing to present testimony to the Judge on an uncontested issue or an agreement between the parties.  It can be used on a specific issue or hearing and it can be used to conclude a divorce if an agreement on all of the [...]

Do I Need to See a Family Lawyer?

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Do I Need to See a Family Lawyer? How do you know if it is time to see a family lawyer after your divorce?  Is it the first thing you should do, or should you think about other options also?  What to do and what direction you should go are tough questions after divorce.  How [...]