5 Things NOT TO DO While Getting A Divorce


Divorce is a process that can be filled with stress, fighting and making decisions about property, children, assets and debt.  Some people are getting a divorce by choice and some aren’t.  But either way it’s not an easy process to untangle the marriage cords and move on to living separate lives.  There are some issues that can’t be avoided, but there are definitely ways that you can make your divorce smoother – not easier – but a smoother journey while getting a divorce.  Avoid these things in your divorce, to give yourself the gift of one less issue to deal with and move forward.

Avoid Social Media

Do not post nasty things about your spouse on social media.  Social media is a divorce lawyer’s playground – we never know what great post is going to be around the corner.  And, it can all be admitted in court.  And, makes for a very good day for your spouse’s lawyer when she gets it admitted and the Judge starts to read it.  And, you don’t need me to tell you about one more article about Facebook causing divorce.  My guess is you have your own stories.  Don’t do it.

Don’t Talk about Your Spouse

Don’t say nasty or ugly things about your spouse to your children especially your teenage children.  Bringing your children into the ugly details of the divorce or sharing your opinions about your spouse is NEVER a good idea.  Your children aren’t getting divorced from their parents and need to be kept safely away from the fight.  Enjoy your children and set your divorce aside to talk about with your lawyer and your adult friends.

Don’t Date

Don’t begin or continue dating before your divorce is final.  You are still married until you’re divorced.  There is no legal separation in Texas.  Just don’t do it.

Don’t Spend Money

Don’t spend lots of money on a love interest outside of the marriage.  This one opens issues not just with a romantic relationship and possible parenting issues, but financial issues as well.  By doing this, you will create new issues in your divorce that wouldn’t have existed if you had avoided it.

Don’t Write Ugly Things About Your Spouse

Don’t send emails and texts about your plans to make your spouse’s life miserable in the divorce at all.  The old school rule that you may be forced to share your note with the class is very true in divorce.  You may just walk into the courtroom and find that text is now poster sized for the judge or jury to see.

You may find yourself in one of these situations already or in the middle of getting a divorce with one of these situations.  This isn’t legal advice specific to your situation, just general information.  Find a good family law attorney to help you with your divorce.

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