How to Choose the Best Lawyer in Denton County for You

Finding the best lawyer for your divorce or child custody case is arguably one of the most important steps you will make as you enter the legal process. You want to find an attorney who will work together with you to help you navigate your case from start to finish.

Call a Few Lawyers

How do you find the best lawyer?  Start by place a call to several offices and talk to them to find out rates and fees for the initial consultations, fee structure (how are the fees at that firm calculated?), availability and see what it is like talking with the receptionist or paralegal.  Did you have a good initial impression?  Or, did you find that it wasn’t a good fit?

The Best Lawyer for You

The best lawyer for you will be the lawyer who understands the tone that you want your case to have and your basic beliefs about dispute resolution.  As lawyers, we are trained and have experience in several ways to resolve disputes but not every way is used in every case.  If you have an issue that needs head on litigation from day one, make sure you express all of that to your lawyer.  If you have a case that you would like to see resolved as quickly as possible, with the least amount of court involvement as possible, tell your lawyer.  Those things let the lawyer know how you would like to work with or against the opposing party in the case.  And, you will get the chance to see and ask your lawyer their opinion and thoughts about your feelings about the way to reach a resolution.  Discussing this part of your case will give you a good perspective about how it will be to work with that lawyer throughout your case.  The best lawyer won’t necessarily agree with you, but will be able to work with you. And, remember that lawyers can’t guarantee results – ever.  The best lawyer will explain that to you and let you know that she can’t and won’t guarantee a specific result in your case.

Things to Remember

After you’ve hired the lawyer you want for your case, remember several things.  Know what your lawyer’s job is and will be in your case.  Your lawyer is working on the legal issues of your case.  They will advise you about different aspects of your case, for instance translating the Texas Family Code language into something you can understand and explaining the consequences or effects of agreements or actions. And, your lawyer is the one you hired to represent you in Court – when you need it. And, remember, your lawyer isn’t your best friend or your mental health counselor.   Know that there will be times your lawyer will tell you something you don’t want to hear and maybe tell you that something someone else told you is totally wrong. Remember, there are no simple, quick answers.

Which brings us back to the original point, finding the right attorney for your divorce or family law case is a big key to helping you reach your desired outcome in your case.

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