holidays-1-300x3003 Tips for Holidays after Divorce

I’m not divorced, but I do spend a huge part of everyday thinking and talking about divorce and visiting with those who are going through or have been divorced. Here are some of my tips from working through the holidays over the years to help you get through your holidays after divorce.

1 – Make New Traditions

I’m not going to sugarcoat it – the holidays can be hard.  One universal thing that I have heard is that trying out new things, places and activities and working to make new traditions really helps folks get through the holidays after divorce.  And, this is true for the big holidays, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, as well as Easter and the 4th of July.

2 – Make a Plan

Another tip is to make plans for the holiday.  It doesn’t matter what your plan is or includes or even who it includes, but when you have a plan you have something to look forward to as the holiday approaches.  If you and your ex-spouse used to do something every Christmas Eve, it will be easier to get through that first holiday after divorce when you have a plan and are busy instead of being very aware of what you ‘used to do’.

3 – Focus on Others

This tip works if you don’t have kids and if you do have kids.  Most holidays there are many, many ways to focus on others.  If you don’t have kids, start thinking about the charities that focus on people or needs that you can help.  In Denton County, you can look locally: Serve Denton, Lake Cities Spirit of Christmas or Christian Community Action, Lewisville or internationally too:  Samaritan’s Purse for opportunities like Christmas Angel Trees, coat drives and food drives.  If you have kids, you can still take a look at these organizations and participate with your kids or just focus on your kids.  If you and your ex-spouse still have conflict, focus on not engaging in that conflict during the holiday and you’ll be sure to make your children’s holiday great!

These are general tips for holidays after divorce; please see a family law attorney for specific legal advice.  Jill O’Connell – 940-497-5454