Divorce Basics – Step by Step


Divorce isn’t easy, but knowing more about divorce basics and the process can make it easier to understand.  I try to give my clients a good amount of information to help them throughout the divorce process but not overload them.  I give it to them from the beginning of the divorce until we have finished as we work through different stages.  Here is a bit of the information I think can be helpful when considering divorce.

Step 1: Decide if Divorce is Right for You

The first thing you need to do is decide if divorce is the right choice for you.  Divorce isn’t easy – even when it’s the right choice.  Have you considered or tried counseling?  Have you sought advice from friends or family that may have gone through the same things you are going through?  Have you tried everything else and have no other options?  Or, do you think there may be some other things you could try?  Ask yourself these types of questions to get to the right answer for you.  If you decide divorce is the right course of action then you may want to consider Step 2.


Step 2:  Talk with a Family Law Attorney

Find a good family law attorney to talk to about your situation and find out divorce basics.  Every divorce is different.  Once you schedule your consultation, write down all of your questions and be prepared to write down the answers.  An experienced family lawyer will give you information about divorce, children’s issues for example child support and schedules and property and debt issues.  The lawyer will talk with you about your questions and issues to determine where you should file and what should be in the pleading that you file.  An experienced family lawyer will also give you information you need to know, like a timeline for divorce including waiting periods, what is filed in divorce and what, if any, rules apply once you have filed the pleading to start the divorce process.  For example, the first document that is filed in divorce is the Original Petition for Divorce.  And, there is a 60-day waiting period.  Write it all down so you can refer back to your notes later.


Step 3: Work with Your Lawyer and Finish Your Divorce

No two divorces are alike, but one important piece of advice that is universal is listen to your lawyer and work with her to finish your divorce.  You may reach an agreement with your spouse, or head to court over issues that are difficult and both ways keep your case moving forward to a conclusion.

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