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3 Reasons to Ask Divorce Questions


I was reading an article recently that really made an impression on me.  The writer was talking about the fear of asking questions.  He talked about how it affects us when we are in a public setting but also in just about any situation.  And, I think his points are so good and true about divorce questions too.  I have written before about how divorce is like traveling to a foreign country, with a new language and the landmarks are all new.  It is important for you and your lawyer to ask questions in your divorce.  Here are three reasons to ask divorce questions.

1- Divorce Questions lead to Answers

So, right now you’re asking yourself why I’d write that.  It’s so obvious.  Well, yes, it is.  But, people going through a divorce are no different than those who aren’t.  There are times when it feels embarrassing to ask a question – it feels like a dumb question, or you feel you should already know the answer or some other reason.  But, divorce questions very often lead to answers and information you need from your lawyer, the staff in the office or even your soon to be ex-spouse (through your lawyer, of course).  And, it is always quicker and cheaper to ask a question on the front end of an issue, then guess and have to fix something later because of the consequences of acting without the right information.

2- Divorce Questions lead to Information

In a divorce, information gives you what you need to make decisions in your case, redefining your family and your life.  Don’t let the fear that somebody thinks or says about what you ‘should have known’ keep you from finding out what you want to know.

When we schedule a consultation in our office the first thing we do is send out a worksheet form with all sorts of questions.  As your lawyer, we need to ask questions about your life, your children and family, your assets, liabilities, personal history to name a few areas.  You need a lawyer who asks those questions.

3- Divorce Questions Help You Face Fears

Sometimes the fear of the answer is why the question isn’t asked.  I see it in my client’s eyes and on their faces when they ask the hard questions.  And, regardless of the answer, in the context of the divorce it is always better to know the answer and the facts than spend time guessing and worrying about ‘what ifs’.  You and your lawyer can move forward once you have the facts and not just fear.

So, find a good experienced lawyer to ask your questions – and make sure you find one who asks you some questions too!

Jill O’Connell