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Quick Tips for Back to School & Divorce

Summer break has flown by!  And, I’ve got a new post to kick off the new season!

As summer ends and school resumes for the all the school districts in North Texas, I’ve got some quick reminders for you about Standard Possession in Texas divorce.

1- Remember that divorce possession usually has Thursday nights.  Thursday night is back in the picture.  Thursday night possession times start back up with the new school year.  This is true for all Thursday night times, whether it is overnight to Friday or just time on Thursday night.

2- Go online and look at your kids’ calendars. School calendars change.  Now that you’re divorced, it’s your responsibility to know things.  This year the school calendars differ quite a bit no matter which direction I look from the office.  Within about 10 minutes, I can drive to 4 different school districts and some started last week and some schools started yesterday.  Go to the school website and get an updated calendar for holidays (remember Monday and Friday holidays can create some change in the Standard schedule) and other days to note for your schedule.  As a divorced parent, the two most important long holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays and school time off for those two have seen changes in recent years too.  It isn’t too early to know what your holiday season looks like with your family.

3 – In a possession schedule in divorce, remember the difference between alternating weekends and 1st, 3rd and 5th weekends.  Summer lets us all relax a little bit.  But, this year we are back at having to remember details right away because September 2017 has 5 Fridays and the Monday for the first weekend of the month is a holiday (Labor Day, September 4th).  Check out your Decree and see what this upcoming holiday weekend holds for you and your kiddos.

4- Remember the other holidays too.  October 31st was a Tuesday in 2017.  In 2019, it’s a Thursday – how is that going to affect your divorce or post-divorce time with your kids?  What does that mean for you and your kids and trick or treating plans?  Start to think about how that could get in the middle of your plans.  School holidays might be different or more than the national holidays also because they include in-service days too.  And, Monday and Friday school holidays change up the weekend times also.  Make sure you are synced up for the school year.

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