It can feel like divorce changes everything.  But, there are some things that stay the same and if you have kids one of those things that stays the same is summer time. Whether you are divorcing or divorced you still have to figure out what to do with your kids all summer.
Here are some tips for thinking about summers during divorce and after your divorce is final.

Beginning of Divorce

If you are at the beginning of your divorce, you might need to think about options quickly if it is already summer or nearing the end of the school year.  Start thinking about vacations, camps, day trips and any other activity that you already have planned.  Next, will your soon to be ex-spouse be agreeable or open to try to work out the details of this first summer?
When you are at the beginning of your divorce, and you have time to plan before summer rolls in, talk with your lawyer about your plans to get temporary orders in your case.  And, make sure you enter orders that contain a possession schedule that includes summer plans.  You can talk about using the Texas Standard Possession or creating a plan unique to you and your family.

First Summer after Divorce

If your divorce has moved pretty quickly and your first summer as a divorced parent will be after your divorce, start to think about the first summer while you are working on your agreed parenting plan or discussing an agreement with the other parent.  Ask yourself a few questions to help you decide what is in your child’s best interests.  What is your child familiar with during the summers?  What is your child expecting to happen in the summer?  What plans do you have?  What work requirements will you have?  How open to working things out together are you and the other parent?
Then figure out a few technical details: Will you finalize your divorce before the Texas Standard Possession April notice dates or after those dates? If your divorce will be final after April 15th, you will likely need to make a new plan for the upcoming summer.  There are some options to consider and talk over with your lawyer.  Some possibilities for your summer plan after finalizing your divorce are including new notice dates in your divorce decree, making a new plan for this summer and including it in the divorce decree, going with the default plan in the Texas Standard Possession plan or something else entirely.    Whatever your decide, just make sure you understand your summer plans. Ask your lawyer all of your questions and tell your lawyer your concerns and ideas.
If you don’t have a lawyer, consult with and find an experienced family lawyer for the specifics of your case.  Call Jill O’Connell, 940-497-5454.