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6 Tips for Before Your Divorce

  1. What do you want your future to look like after your divorce? Think about where you want to live and what you want that place to look like.  Think about the practical parts of your future after divorce.  Some might say the mundane and routine things, but I say they are important nonetheless, for example what you want to drive.
  2. If you have kids, what do you want your relationship with your ex to look like? What do you want your relationship (both time and space) to look like?  Close to your kids? If so, what does close mean – down the street, same neighborhood, within 1 mile, within 10 miles?
  3. Set some goals and make your decisions with that goal in mind.  Start thinking about your assets and your personal life as they are now to begin to know what you want that to look like after the divorce is finished.  Begin with understanding the assets that the you and your spouse have right now to be able to decide later if some assets are better for you than others including real estate, stocks, brokerage funds, 401k accounts, savings accounts, motor vehicles, business entities.  If you need help getting an understanding of what your marital estate includes, we can help you understand the issues with that better.  Consider whether getting a financial professional on your team is a good decision for you.
  4. Consider how you want to get divorced.  How do you want your divorce to happen?  Do you want to reach an agreement with your ex? Is there a possibility that a trial will have to happen to conclude the divorce? Do you think you’ll have some conflicts with your spouse right away? Think about how quickly you want to move or may need to move and the costs and benefits of waiting or moving quickly.
  5. Decide what you want the divorce journey to look like. For example, if you want your case to be as cost effective as it can be, you and your divorce attorney can discuss and make decisions with that in mind.  Remember that you can’t plan for everything but making decisions with a goal in mind will allow you to be proactive and not just reactive through the process.
  6. Which divorce lawyer will help you through this journey? Do you want a divorce lawyer near you? What kind of lawyer you need will depend on the answers to your questions?  Once you have considered these types of questions and We will discuss these things with you and many other things when we begin working with you.

As always, this is not a substitute for legal advice. You need to visit with a divorce attorney to get legal advice for your case.

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Jill O’Connell