Texas Prove Up

A Texas divorce prove up hearing is used in a divorce to finish a case and enter a divorce decree. It usually happens when we’ve got an agreement between you and your ex-spouse, and everyone has signed a decree of divorce. Saying that the decree of divorce has been signed off by everybody means that all the lawyers and all of the parties have signed the decree showing they approve or agree with what is in it.  Next step, it’s time to get the decree entered.

If you and I are going up to do a divorce prove up hearing, we are going to do it at the time that is most convenient for your calendar and my calendar. We don’t have to ask the court to schedule a time for us to get up there. We are able to go to any one of the courts that has been assigned in the morning between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. to hear agreed matters. So, the beauty of not having to schedule a prove up hearing to finish your divorce is that we don’t have to wait for two months to get in front of the judge to have that decree of divorce entered. And, we know which courtroom we’re going to appear in because the courtrooms and judges assigned.

We will go to that courtroom in the morning. We’re going to meet between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., and we are going to do a short hearing. Basically, it’s going to be me asking you a few questions. You’re going to give answers to those questions, and most of those things you already know the answers to. This is going to be the easiest hearing you’ll ever have to appear at, and it is going to be very, very fast compared to all other types of hearings.

Most of the time people are surprised how quick it goes and surprised how nervous they were, and how calm they were once it started. Once my divorce clients realize that this is not going to be a difficult hearing or difficult testimony to give, they are able to breathe a sigh of relief. And, then we are finished with the divorce prove up hearing.

Once we’re done, there are a few clerical things to finish up, and my clients usually walk out that day with their decree of divorce. So, that’s a Texas divorce prove up hearing, and the way that we do it in my office. If you’ve got questions about that or any other questions about your divorce, give us a call. We’ll get you scheduled in the office with an appointment to visit with divorce lawyer, Jill O’Connell, Owner and Attorney, O’Connell Law Firm, P.C., 940-497-5454.