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Best Texas Divorce Tips

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6 Tips for Before Your Texas Divorce Finding yourself in a divorce situation can be stressful.  There are ways you can reduce some of the stress in your Texas divorce.  And, one of the best ways I discuss with clients is to answer some questions for yourself and let your divorce attorney know what your [...]

Mindful Divorce

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Mindful Divorce Make a plan.  Be purposeful about your actions and choices in your divorce. Avoid unnecessary pitfalls by staying focused during your divorce.  Be mindful of your decisions, the present, and your divorce.  Focus on your goals, the information you need to understand and the things that are most important to you in your [...]

Setting Goals

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Setting Goals for your Family Law or Divorce Case You never thought you’d end up in a divorce or family law case.  You don’t know how it happened that you are at this point in your life.  Or maybe you do know what happened, how and when everything happened that created the story that led [...]

Legal Resolutions

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Legal Resolutions 2014 What’s your plan for 2014? We have all thought about, read articles, posts and tweets about and possibly made resolutions for the New Year for our personal life.  For our professional lives and businesses we review and make business plans for the New Year right now.    What are you thinking about?  Do [...]

Divorce Can Feel Like A Foreign Country

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  Spring is a time for fresh starts.  Sometimes, that includes a divorce.  Unfortunately, starting a divorce can feel like going through a foreign country without a map.  A good attorney can guide you through your divorce, like a good GPS system. If you are considering divorce, try to talk with more than one attorney [...]