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Information Gathering in Texas Divorce – Navigating Texas Divorce Series

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  Information Gathering Stage - Navigating Divorce When you are navigating divorce the second part of the Texas divorce is the information gathering stage.  You and your divorce attorney will begin discussing and working on gathering information about your finances including income and debts, property, accounts and other information.  And, you will exchange some information [...]

What Happens to the Home in Divorce?

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What Happens to the Home in Divorce? What will happen to your home in divorce? A house is usually one of the biggest purchases a couple makes during their relationship.   So, naturally a common question my clients have in divorce is “what is going to happen to the house”.  There are options for the couple [...]

Name Change in Divorce

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Name Change in Divorce Do You Need a Fresh Start? Everybody knows you can change your name in divorce.  Through the years, I’ve talked over the idea of changing their last name with many clients.  There have been reasons clients chose to make the change and there have been reasons not to change their name. [...]