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Name Change in Divorce

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Name Change in Divorce Do You Need a Fresh Start? Everybody knows you can change your name in divorce.  Through the years, I’ve talked over the idea of changing their last name with many clients.  There have been reasons clients chose to make the change and there have been reasons not to change their name. [...]

Name Change in Texas

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Name Change People want to change their names for all different reasons.  Some people want to change their name at the end of a divorce.  Sometimes it is after a divorce or other life event.  Changing a name at the end of a divorce is one way to change a name but not the only [...]

Finishing Your Divorce

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Finishing Your Divorce -You Can See the Finish Line! After a hearing or mediation, my clients appear to experience some form of relief.  Relief because everything is finished either by agreement or by decision of the Judge or maybe because they got what they wanted and sometimes the relief isn't because they got what they [...]