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No Fault Divorce

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No fault divorce No Fault Divorce What is No Fault Divorce? A Texas no fault divorce is a divorce that begins with the initial pleading that basically says the marriage relationship is over and there isn’t going to be a reconciliation, in legal divorce terminology.  In Texas, it is enough to say that [...]

Agreed Divorce – How Does it Work

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  Agreed Divorce – How Does It Work? So, sometimes people ask me about agreed divorce as if it was an oxymoron – like jumbo shrimp. Yes, there can be an agreed divorce.  Here are a few facts to set the record straight. One lawyer? Yes and no.  Yes, an agreed divorce can be completed [...]

No Fault Divorce

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Is a No Fault Divorce Right for You? When people say ‘no fault divorce’ in Texas they probably mean either they have an agreement with their spouse about dividing their property, assets and liabilities and any issues with their kids or they mean they don’t have an agreement but they don’t want to accuse their [...]

Texas Divorce Basics

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  Basics of Texas Divorce What does it take to get divorced in Texas? To get divorced in Texas you need at least these three things:  a valid marriage,  to have lived in Texas for 6 months and,   to have lived in the county that where you want to file for divorce for 90 days. [...]