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Don’t forget about Summer Possession Notice

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Summer Possession Notice for the Managing Conservator Summertime is almost here!  And with it, summer possession notice needs to be sent out soon.  Schedules for parents with a Standard Possession schedule will start too.  So, as I’ve already posted,  parents who live 100 miles or less from each other need to give summer possession notice. [...]

Summer Possession Notice

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Did you receive notice for a possession schedule on April 1st?  Or, did you forget to give your April 1 notice for your summer possession?             If you are wondering what to do next, first read your decree or final order.  That is the most important step to get a great understanding of what you [...]

Summer Possession

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Standard Summer Possession Summer Possession Today is the summer solstice.  Summer possession for divorced parents is different from possession during the school year.   Some times begin and end at a different time of the day than school year possession and the length of time is purposely longer than school year possession. There is [...]