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No Fault Divorce

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No fault divorce No Fault Divorce What is No Fault Divorce? A Texas no fault divorce is a divorce that begins with the initial pleading that basically says the marriage relationship is over and there isn’t going to be a reconciliation, in legal divorce terminology.  In Texas, it is enough to say that [...]

Legal Separation or Divorce?

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Legal Separation or Divorce? Which is the better choice, a legal separation or a divorce?  The question of choosing a legal separation instead of divorce is an easy question in Texas.  Texas doesn’t have legal separation and only has divorce.  Here are a few things about legal separation and divorce in Texas. Texas Family Code [...]

5 Tips to Avoid Family Law and Divorce Possession Issues

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How to Avoid Family Law and Divorce Possession Issues Divorce and family law issues are hard enough without having to fight about possession times and schedules.  Here are 5 tips to help you avoid possession issues in your family law or divorce case. 1)      Read and know your possession schedule. Both divorce and other family [...]