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Calculating Texas Child Support

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Calculating Child Support Texas Child Support Child support might be feared, anticipated, calculated and discussed in your divorce and in the years after your divorce – depending on who you are.  Are you the paying parent?  Are you the receiving parent?  This post is designed to give you a starting point for understanding how your [...]

Texas Child Support

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Texas Child Support Texas child support can be confusing for parents when you are just starting your divorce.  The business part of your divorce involves untangling two lives. The emotional part of your divorce is much more than that, but it isn’t the part that your divorce lawyer will be working on. So, back to [...]

Child Support Modification

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Modifying Child Support Updated for 2019! Divorce Decrees are final orders.   However, that doesn’t mean that what is in there can never be changed.  Child support can be changed under certain circumstances. Statutory Change And, effective in 2015, two specific ways the court may modify or change child support are included in divorce decrees.  And, [...]

Child Support Increase

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Can you get a child support increase? How do you know if you can increase your child support? If you are a divorced parent receiving child support, you may be entitled to a child support increase.  The child support amount you receive was most likely set at the time of your divorce based on all [...]

2013 Texas Child Support Modification

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Texas Child Support is set using the paying parent’s income (obligor), the number of children and some other factors listed in the child support statutes including the cost of health care for the children. Texas child support is set using one of two charts to determine which percentage of the monthly net income of the [...]

Texas Child Support: 5 Things to Tell your Lawyer

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Texas Child Support  - Tips to Talk with your Lawyer Determining standard child support in Texas is pretty straight forward.  The Texas Family Code provides the method to determine child support based on income (gross and net) and the number of children in the marriage.  It is all about the numbers, 20% of monthly net [...]