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Co-Parenting and Standard Possession

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  3 Tips about  Co-Parenting and Standard Possession Have you heard about co-parenting and wondering if it can work for you and your ex?  Are you thinking you are stuck with the Standard Possession schedule because it is in your divorce decree?  Co-parenting and Standard Possesion can work together even when you didn't include a schedule tailored [...]

How to Get Extended Summer Possession if You Missed the Deadline

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How to Get Extended Summer Possession if You Missed the Deadline Tips for the Parent who Misses the April Deadline for Extended Summer Possession The standard extended summer possession notice might be the hardest part of Texas divorce decrees for newly divorced parents to understand.  If it isn’t, it is a close second!  I get [...]

Don’t forget about Summer Possession Notice

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Summer Possession Notice for the Managing Conservator Summertime is almost here!  And with it, summer possession notice needs to be sent out soon.  Schedules for parents with a Standard Possession schedule will start too.  So, as I’ve already posted,  parents who live 100 miles or less from each other need to give summer possession notice. [...]

Legal Separation or Divorce?

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Legal Separation or Divorce? Which is the better choice, a legal separation or a divorce?  The question of choosing a legal separation instead of divorce is an easy question in Texas.  Texas doesn’t have legal separation and only has divorce.  Here are a few things about legal separation and divorce in Texas. Texas Family Code [...]