notebooks-plus-colored-pensBack to School Parenting After Divorce

The first day of school is right around the corner and it seems like the summer flew by!  Back to School parenting after divorce can be new territory and challenging. Parenting after divorce is tough enough without some tips to get through the back to school season.  I’ve come up with a few tips to help based on questions I’ve been asked over the years. As a parent, remember to keep your child the focus of this time.  It isn’t the time to deal with issues between you and your child’s other parent.  Here are a few tips to ease this back to school parenting season from our office to help.

Review your current orders.

I always recommend this because everybody’s situation is different.  Review the orders for your case so that you know what notices you need to give and how you need to give them to the other parent, (if any), and when you need to give them.  Also, make sure you know when your possession starts and ends in relation to the first day of school.  Check to see if you have to give the teachers notices of any kind.  And start to think through logistical questions about possession times.  Very often, pick-up and drop-off are at school – what is that going to look like and how is it going to work with all of your other obligations.

Check your child’s School Website.

Most of the schools in our area (Lewisville, Lake Dallas and Denton) are getting ready for schedule pick up days, and are getting ready to jump into teacher days soon.  If you haven’t looked at your child’s schools information, do it soon to check on start times, drop-off  and pick-up information, bus schedules and first day activities and schedules.  This is especially important if your child has gone from middle school to high school and your parenting schedule includes starting at the time the school is finished for the day.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

I think it was Mary Poppins who said, ‘Well begun is half done!’ and I agree.  Back to school time is fun and nerve wracking at the same time, for both you and your child or children.  You are all wondering whether your child get the teacher they want, whether they will have friends in their class, and will they like the new grade?

Remember that your child will only have one first day for this grade and keep them the center of your attention.   If you don’t think you can be with the other parent at the school or with the other parent and your child in the morning in a positive way, get creative now and communicate with the other parent for options.  Put aside your issues and make this the best first day for your child that you can.   If you have checked the website for the school and know there are new school times or a change from past years, send the other parent a quick email or text about the change to confirm plans.  It will just make it better for your child.  Parenting after divorce can be challenging, but parenting is always challenging.

Let the new school year begin!

Jill O’Connell


We understand divorce can be difficult.  Please call the office to talk with one of our lawyers if you would like to talk with us to see how we can assist you through this time in your life, 940-497-5454.