Tips to Remember about Property

Tips to Remember about Property

The start of a divorce can seemed rushed and busy because of all the information that is being passed back and forth between the lawyer and the client.  Very often, the area that is the most critical is the focus of the initial work.  For example, this time of year the children starting to school and living arrangements can be time sensitive.  But, don’t let that keep your from remembering to tell your lawyer about all of the property that may be an issue in the divorce.

It is always important to remember to tell your lawyer everything you can about your property.  These three tips are just a start and not intended to be a full list because there are so many issues with property.  Here are just 3 tips to get you started talking about your property with your lawyer:

1)      Remember to tell your lawyer about everything you own no matter if you think it is going to be an issue or not.  That corner table that your aunt gave you right after you got married that you think isn’t going to be an issue just might be the same table that your spouse remembers your aunt giving to both of you as a wedding present.  Your lawyer needs to know about this table before it becomes an issue and they hear about it for the first time at hearing or at mediation.

2)     Remember to tell your lawyer when and how you purchased or signed a contract to purchase the piece of property.  This can be another issue that doesn’t seem like it will make a difference but there may be some things that your lawyer needs to ask you more questions about and research to be prepared on this issue.

3)     Remember to tell your lawyer about anything that you have inherited during the marriage and what or how the inheritance has been used, who has used it, when it was used and where it is now.  An inheritance during the marriage is considered separate property and the answers to the ‘what, how, who, when and where’ will help your lawyer determine certain issues about the inheritance.

Most importantly, remember to tell your lawyer about all of your property and the details about it even if you don’t think you need to so that you and lawyer can be prepared. 

Jill O’Connell

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