Why I’m a Pro-Parent Divorce Lawyer

I’m passionate about parents, co-parenting and families – single parent and two parents.  A parent’s divorce is unique.  It isn’t only about the husband and wife, it is also very much about the children and therefore, the parents.  I think that it is very important to remember that.

In this time when law firms describe themselves as a man’s firm or a woman’s firm, I would describe myself and my office as neither only for women or only for men.  I am pro-parent, mom or dad, regardless of the state of the whole family.

A Parent’s Divorce Lawyer


A Parent’s Divorce

A parent can make a big difference in the life of their child after divorce.  Here are a few examples:

  • The dad who takes his young daughter to buy a Mother’s Day gift for his ex-wife because of the way it will light up his daughters face to be ready for her mom.
  • The mom who makes all the arrangements for and pays for her son to surprise his dad and give his dad tickets to see their favorite team for Father’s Day, because of the joy for her son to surprise his dad.
  • The dad who helps his teenage son make all the plans and dinner on his mom’s birthday because his son asked for his help.
  • The dad who makes sure that his kids’ lives don’t turn upside down, even if it is above and beyond what a court would order.
  • The mom who schedules time for her tweenage daughter be with her dad on a very flexible basis because dad travels for work and schedules are tight and her daughter misses him.
  • The mom who scores first row seats at her son’s percussion concert only to find out the jacket saving the next three seats belongs to her ex, his girlfriend and mom and who sits, smiling , applauding, sweating, through it all to see the smile on her son’s face.
  • The moms and dads who look into their child’s eyes and do what they do because of the love of a child for their other parent.

These are just a few of the true, although modified, stories that I’ve been able to be a part of recently.  It’s for the kids, your kids.

Jill can be reached at 940-497-5454.