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5 Social Media Tips in Divorce to Read before You Post that Next Update

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  5 Social Media Tips in Divorce   We all know that social media is here to stay.  It doesn’t matter if Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, G+or Twitter is your favorite medium.  In fact, I post on Twitter, Facebook and G+.  But remember, there are still some basic social media tips to follow in a family [...]

5 Tips to Prepare for Court

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 Preparing for the Courtroom You prepared for your hearing and met with your lawyer.  Now, what happens when you actually get to the courtroom?  How do you get ready for that?  What should you do to prepare for court? Here are 5 tips to navigate being in the courtroom day: 5 Tips to Prepare for [...]

Name Change in Texas

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Name Change People want to change their names for all different reasons.  Some people want to change their name at the end of a divorce.  Sometimes it is after a divorce or other life event.  Changing a name at the end of a divorce is one way to change a name but not the only [...]

The Truth about Mediation

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Mediation Myths and the Truth Behind Them Mediation is a negotiated settlement conference with an independent person, the mediator, assisting the negotiations between the spouses.  The mediator is trained to assist the negotiation toward resolution of the divorce. From a mediator’s perspective, mediation seems to be easily misunderstood and a personal perspective can create a [...]

Texas Child Support Modification

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Child Support Modification Child support is set in final orders based on the income and children at the time of the orders.   But, your child support amount doesn’t have to stay that number forever.  Child support can be change by requesting a child support modification.  If you think you might need your child support [...]

Divorce and Family Law Mediation

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Benefits of Divorce and Family Law Mediation Mediation isn’t always appreciated.  Sometimes it’s seen as one of the stepsisters in Cinderella.  I see it in my client’s eyes when I mention it as an alternative to trial or before a hearing or trial. I am a true fan of mediation.  Mediation can be used in [...]

Divorce Legalese

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Divorce Legalese Legalese can be hard to understand.  Divorce legalese is even more specific. Here is my list of 5 divorce legalese financial terms that are at the top of the list of things I explain to my clients. See if any of your questions can be answered below: Child Support: Child support is an [...]