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5 Social Media Tips in Divorce


We all know that social media is here to stay.  It doesn’t matter if Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, G+or Twitter is your favorite medium.  In fact, I post on Twitter, Facebook and G+.  But remember, there are still some basic social media tips to follow in a family law or divorce case. 

What is posted on Facebook stays on Facebook 

This is really the opposite of that popular Vegas slogan.  If you post it on Facebook (or any other social media), be sure that it will come back to you at some point if you are in a divorce.   Ethics demand that your lawyer tell you that you cannot delete posts, no matter how damaging they are to you or your case in your divorce.  So, read on, if you feel like you just can’t quit posting.

 Think before You Post 

The research shows that Facebook  is linked to divorce and my experience in the office is the same.  At times, it seems as if half of the cases in my office stem from activity on Facebook of some kind or another platform of social media.  So, think before you post that next post.  Ask yourself if you want that post printed off and read out loud in a courtroom to the judge in your case.

 Stay Positive

 Do not post negative comments, subtle or obvious, about your spouse, your kids or your case.  Social media is exactly that – social.  You don’t know who will see that post or who will show it to your spouse.  And, if that doesn’t concern you think about your children and who they are friends with and how that post would impact them.  They want to know they are going to get through this and that you as their parents are going to do what it takes to help them through the divorce.  So, stay positive. 

Learn about Privacy Settings

 If you just can’t stop posting, take the time to learn about the privacy settings on your favorite platform(s) and your passwords.


 Ask yourself the same questions you would about your posts before you post that next selfie.  Do you really need to post that picture of yourself?  Do you want to see that picture as an 11 x 14 photo in the courtroom?  Just post less selfies altogether.

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