I’m going to veer away from my usual family law and divorce topics and say ‘Go Vote!’ today.

Today is primary election day in Texas.  This is the opportunity to make a change in your community or to confirm your current leadership  – whichever way you see it.  Whatever your opinion is, you have the right and privilege that so many people in countries across the globe do not have in their political systems and regimes.  Use your right.  Voice your opinion by voting.  Since early voting is over, you have to vote at your assigned polling place.  There may be a line, so get there as early as you can!

Both state offices and local offices are on the ballot.  The system works because of the ‘people’.  You are the people that make our system and rule of law work.  Go out and enjoy the sunshine and vote today!

If you don’t know where you are supposed to go to vote, here is a link to the polling places in Denton County,, but be warned – when I checked to make sure the website was working, it wasn’t responding.

Voting times today are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.