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Divorce Lawyer’s Perspective

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Divorce Lawyer's Perspective   What Not to Expect from your Divorce Lawyer There are times that being a family law attorney is tough.  For instance, those pesky things that the Judge can’t do anything about are often the hardest.  But, apart from the unusually difficult cases, there are some things that you shouldn’t expect your [...]

Relocating After Divorce

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Relocating After Divorce Relocating after a divorce is often necessary, sometimes chosen and even sometimes mandatory.  Relocating is almost always discussed during a divorce under one circumstance or another.  What isn’t always discussed is what happens if a parent has to relocate after divorce out of the area of geographic restricted area. Primary Parent If [...]

What Should You Expect from Your Divorce Lawyer

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You’ve Hired a Lawyer for Your Divorce.  What Should You Expect from your Divorce Lawyer? You called several law offices and met with several attorneys to find one that is a good match for your goals and needs in your divorce.  Then, when you found the right lawyer, you hired that one.  What should you [...]