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How to Act in Court

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  How to Act in Court You need to know how to act in court when it time for your trial or hearing.  It will make a difference in the outcome of your proceeding whether you are in front of a judge or jury.  Knowing how to act in court will help you and your [...]

Holidays, Summers and Weekends After Divorce

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Holidays, Summers and Weekends after Divorce   Mother’s Day is this weekend!  It seems like this time of year is filled with end of school year activities, awards ceremonies, summer planning and holidays.  Springtime and summertime bring changes to parenting time and possession schedules with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, the [...]

5 Things NOT TO DO While Getting a Divorce

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5 Things NOT TO DO While Getting A Divorce   Divorce is a process that can be filled with stress, fighting and making decisions about property, children, assets and debt.  Some people are getting a divorce by choice and some aren't.  But either way it’s not an easy process to untangle the marriage cords and [...]