Divorce-Stress-Tips-300x300Divorce Stress – Things I’ve learned as a Divorce Attorney

In the course of about 20 years as a family law attorney, I’ve handled hundreds of divorces – maybe more.  Divorce stress is very real.  I’m not divorced and haven’t been divorced.  But, as an attorney who practices law and owns a family law office, a large number of divorces are MY cases every day and I’ve learned a thing or two about managing divorce stress.

I don’t know about other offices but in my office, the way I practice, that means that I know their stories, what is happening in their lives, what is happening with their kids, their finances, their job situations and whatever else is going on.  Sometimes I’m the one person that a client has who he or she can tell everything to – the whole story and the whole picture of their lives.  When I’m your lawyer, I take it very seriously.

I’ve learned a few things about divorce stress management because of my career choice.  It isn’t easy and it can be soul wrenching.  Some of these tips I’ve learned from clients and some are the ones I’ve learned and share with my clients.  Maybe they’ll help you manage your divorce stress, too.


Since I’m a lawyer, and not a doctor, I don’t know all of the medical terms or explanations about why this works – but it does.  Maybe it’s vitamin D, maybe it’s the elusive runner’s high?  I don’t know, but I know that exercising regularly is good for your soul, your psyche and stress.  If you don’t know where to start, look at websites, magazines and apps.  Find one that works for you – sort of like finding a good lawyer– find the one that is perfect for you. Oh, and listen to good music, too!


Everybody knows laughter is good for you.  These days you should be able to find something on tv, movies, Netflix, amazon Prime….somewhere.  Whether you go for the classics like Seinfeld or Friends, or look to stand up like Brian Regan, or clean comedy you can watch with your kids like Tim Hawkins – enjoy a few laughs and see how that helps!  Sometimes my kids will send me a goofy text or picture and even those few seconds gets a little laugh going and I feel better.

Celebrate good things

In stressful situations, it feels like the whole world is colored by the stress of your situation.  From experience, I know that birthdays can be forgotten, special occasions, and otherwise usually noticed accomplishments of your friends and family.  Celebrate those other things that are going on in your loved ones lives. It will lighten your load for a little bit and put things in perspective.


Managing divorce stress isn’t my primary job description, but I work at it everyday.  For advice about your divorce, I’m available by appointment – 940-497-5454.